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We'll pick up the house, you enjoy the day.

Let Neat take care of your Home for only $5 a room!

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Tell us when & which rooms you want Neated on our app. 

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A Neater will come and pick up your home. 

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You come home to a Neat house, it's that easy!

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How we make rooms Neat again


Beds Made

Floors Vacuumed

Night Stands Straighten

Dirty Clothes Put Away

Blankets Folded

Everything Picked-Up


Counters Wiped Down

Rugs Vacuumed

Trash Taken Out

Towels Folded

Dirty Clothes Put Away

Everything Picked-Up


Dishwasher Unloaded

Dishes Done

Counters Wiped Down

Vacuum/ Sweep Floor

Trash Taken Out

Everything Picked-Up


Floors Vacuumed

Toys Picked-Up

End Tables Straighten

Blankets Folded

Couch Straighten-Up

Everything Put Away

Check out what other Neat customers think

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Ashley R.

My husband and I have 2 kids. They, my husband included, consistently make it challenging to keep our home picked-up. Between beds being unmade, dishes in the sink and toys all over the place, we struggled to keep up. Neat has become this mom’s best friend!

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Lindsey N.

My husband and I both work full-time. By the time we get home with the kids and figure out dinner, we are wiped and would rather spend time playing with our kids instead of picking up around the house. Neat has helped make that possible.

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Tyler M.

I'm a busy professional. I enjoy doing many things, picking up around my house isn’t one of them. With Neat, I can come home to a made bed, empty kitchen sink and everything straightened up! Neat has made our lives easier.