We'll clean up the house, you enjoy the day.

Let Neat take care of your Home for only $5 a room!





For only $5 a room, you can have a personal housekeeper start today

You choose which rooms you want cleaned, which day and what time

Neaters are insured, interviewed and background checked

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Tell us when & which rooms you want cleaned on our app. 

A Neater will come and clean those rooms. 

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You come home to a clean house, it's that easy!

Check out what other Neat customers think

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Ashley M.

My husband and I have 2 kids. They, my husband included, consistently make it challenging to keep our home clean. Between beds being unmade, dishes in the sink and toys all over the place, we struggled to keep up. Neat has become this mom’s best friend!

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Lindsay W.

Neat days are my favorite days! Coming home to a de-cluttered house is priceless. We can go straight to quality family time in the evening without having to deal with the debris of our morning rush out the house. Neaters are efficient and thoughtful and aren't afraid to ask questions to make sure the meet my expectations and preferences. I heartily recommend Neat to anyone looking to make their life easier.

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Lauren G.

I. Love. Neat! It's like Uber for cleaning. I'm a business owning mom of 2 kids who are 5 and 1.5. Cleaning is the last thing on my list, but I feel most peaceful when my house is free of visual noise. All the Neaters who have come over are super nice and very thorough. Neat is great to use for a midweek pickup, if you don't have time to clean up after a rushed morning, a crazy evening or before you have guests over. I'm so very thankful for this service!